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怎么写thesis 谈失败on failure

There is an old saying goes that failure is the mother of success. Everyone confronts withfailures even those famous and successful figures. Some people say that failurelashes them to work harder. Some think that failures are so depressing and weshould not to make any failures. For me, I cherish failures very much for wecan realize our shortcomings from them.


First of all, we can learn from failure andget more experience. It is indeed so disappointed when we confront withfailure. However, we can always get some experience from failures and makes usunderstand our weak point. If we can learn from failure, then we will avoidsuch problem in the coming days.


Secondly, the more failures, the moresuccessful we will be. As the old saying goes that failure is the mother ofsuccess. The more failure we make, the more successful we will be. If we makemany mistakes, then we will learn a lot from them and will do better when wemeet the same kind of problems. This means we will obtain great success if wemeet more failures.


All in all, failure is a bad thing forpeople, but it is a good chance for us to learn more from it and becomesuccessful in the future.


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