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芝加哥作业代写 我爱烹饪 i love cooking

I have to admit that delicious food not only can satisfy my stomach, but also can let me love cooking. When I eat some very tasteful food, I will think about how to make the food. Personally, I have tremendous interest in cooking.

I don’t know whether my cooking methods are correct or not, because sometimes I will use my own thought to cook some foods. During my cooking period, I once succeeded in cooking very delicious food and meanwhile I also experienced failures. However, I never regret loving cooking. Cooking makes my daily life more substantial.

From cooking, I also can learn some knowledge about health. I always look through the cooking websites to find new ways to make food. When I look at these websites, I can find out that there are many little healthy knowledge of daily life. For instance, fruits and vegetables are advantageous to our health, so we should have a balance diet in our daily life.

Cooking various foods makes me have a deeper understanding of life. Daily life is full of kinds of   triviality and we must have enough patience to face them. Take cooking as an example, if you cook food with a good mood, you will find that life is so beautiful. Therefore, when I meet some terrible things, I cook some foods. Thus, I will forget unhappy experience for the time being. After I finish cooking, I will find life’s beauty again.

Cooking makes me more confident to live. From cooking, I can learn unique life attitude. I love cooking.