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托马斯,A. O(2005)讲述了Doordarshan的全权政府管辖渠道出生,尽管艰辛如何仍被认为是印度新闻频道产业的根。托马斯还讨论了在政府所有的渠道如何遵循一个特定的风格,包括非常很少使用非正式的方式与观众的故事,这将避免逃避任何限制由印度新闻理事会制定和信息和广播部媒体规范据印度媒体伦理与法律。



In approaching this project, I focused on ethical issues, news production dissemination and ownership. How news channels design content to earn more Television Rating Points (TRP). Each area provided variety of materials which correlates to my analysis. It can be effectively traced that news channels and journalists fabricate stories due to lack of access to issues and seldom even to attract viewership by focussing on the unique and untold side of the story which they often create and is untrue to build a new aspect to the story.

I have considered made two categories in order to determine differences between news channels to analyse how their content, audiences and language changes news formats, styles and coverage given to issues.

When news channels are segregated as per ownership trait it was traced that there is only one government owned news channel DD thriving the field of journalism from the pre-independence era to the 21st century were cable television and satellite television are also threatened by internet and other technological facets.

Thomas, A.O (2005) narrates about how Doordarshan the solely government governed channel was born and in spite of the hardships how it still is considered the roots of Indian news channel industry. Thomas also discusses being under government ownership how the channel follows a specific style which includes very absolutely seldom use of informal approach with its audiences, avoiding stories which would evade any restrictions laid down by the Press council of India and the Information and Broadcasting ministries media norms according to the Indian Media ethics and law.

Mehta N (2008) analyses how the shifting ownership patterns impact on content. The Private news channels are dependent more on generating new formats, informal approach style to reach audiences in contrast to the formal and preset patterns under governmental governance.

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