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All individuals have dispositions, beliefs and values but the registered nursing codes of ethics require professionals to focus on the needs of their patients and to guarantee that their own value judgments do not hinder care provision and delivery. This holistic view, which includes the quality of a nurse, links with virtue ethics. Virtue ethics suggests that morally capable or virtuous people are those who have incorporate values that promote general human growth.

Values and beliefs are very important to the human spirit. Values and beliefs affect all areas of our lives and play an important role in health and coping with illness. Values and beliefs affect how we live and how we die. Values influence the choice we make throughout life, if they are wrong or right. Ones personal value system is developed at early childhood. Most researchers believe that most of our values are well developed by the time we reach 10years of age. Values are based on the beliefs that are inculcated by our family, culture, church, media and peer groups while we were growing up.

Because we develop our values based on a special combination of time, place and experiences no two same persons have the same beliefs and values. People of the same age, cultural backgrounds are likely to share same belief and values. Every one of us find it very difficult to understand people whose values are different from ours. Each person thinks that his or her own beliefs and values are somehow better to other people’s own. As a nurse I should identify the special spiritual needs of my patient based on their religion because different religious beliefs and practices can vary widely

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