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作文代写 工作与娱乐work and play

Work and Play
Work and play are two important parts in people’s life, but some times they are contradictory, whether we can balance them has much to do with our success.

Some people think that we should do more work, because everyone has a limited life, and we should make as many contributions as we can to society. Besides, we can acquire more knowledge and gain more experience by hard work, which will help us a lot later in our life.


Others believe that we should spare enough time for play. There is a saying that all work and no play makes John a dull boy. Play makes people feel relaxed and free them from the stress of work.

In this sense, it is also beneficial to our health. So if we don’t play, we can’t work well. In my opinion, we should do more work when we are young be cause we are energetic, and we can spend more time playing and enjoying our life when we become aged. Of course, we should never overdo things and never indulge ourselves with play.